A Fall Frenzy & Sunflowers

The temperature was 84 degrees the other morning so I’m pretty sure that was Fall. Maybe? It’s still my favorite season even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

This year, I’m getting in the Fall spirit with a contest to spark creativity by my writing buddy, Kaitlyn Sanchez. I’m a judge too, but am told I can play along as well ’cause y’all know I can’t resist a reason to write. Check out all the rules here so you can enter too. You have until the 11th.

The image I chose from the many gorgeous ones listed: Sunflowerpexels-photo-2901913

Some people say
sunflowers—whose cheerful,
many-petaled face follows the sun—
will face each other
when skies are grey
to share their energy.

I don’t know if that’s true. But
I do know
if my eyes are grey
I can press my face to yours
nose to nose kiss
forehead to forehead
and your sunshine
and warm delight
in the world lifts
my face from the shadows.

Sunflowers–and kiddo snuggles–are the best.

I hope to see your entry too. Good luck!

16 thoughts on “A Fall Frenzy & Sunflowers

    • Thank you, Melissa! They’re such a cool flower with their Fibonacci seeds and heliocentric movements. Your entry was great too—made me a little sad and I’ll hug my kitties a bit more, but it was such an interesting perspective!


  1. I’ve never heard about sunflowers facing each other, but t is an lovely image. I do know they all face the sun when it is out. A field of sunflowers is such a cool sight. Wonderful poem!


    • Thank you, Roberta! I hadn’t either but saw it on a meme recently. My mom has fields of sunflowers and she’s never noticed it before except that they’ll bow their heads in the rain. Which could be because the rain is weighing them down, or they’re protecting the seeds. I thought it a endearing visual regardless 🙂


  2. This is great. I had no idea as to what i’d do w/this prompt. You caught it. I love where you broke the lines – it adds to the piece. I enjoyed this as much as sunflowers. TY for being a judge, too.


    • When I was researching whether the meme was true or not, I couldn’t find a definite answer, so I decided to word the poem in a way that it didn’t matter if it was true or not, haha. And yes, kiddo snuggles are my favorite ways to start and end the day ❤ Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this contest! You rock!


      • Love that! I hope it’s true! I heard a story on NPR a few years ago that a scientist accidentally discovered that plants do react when pulled or torn, and another about the tree communication system, and I’m just in awe of the amazing things that happen in our world that we never knew about❤️ so glad you enjoyed it; it was well worth it, my friend. Can’t wait to see what these partnerships bring


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