Local Author Visits

Sassafras, Chompsey (next year, Moon Pie!) and I love story times! We’ve read at preschools, elementary schools, after school programs, ice cream shops, and more. Get in touch with me through my Contact Page to schedule your visit.

Storytimes usually run around 30 minutes and include Q & A time for the children to ask any questions they might have on the animal characters, the writing process, and what it’s like to be an author.

Great for ages 4-8, grades pre-k to second.

Interested in something for an older audience? I enjoy participating in World Read Aloud Day with high schools across the US through Zoom. I can also give talks on setting, my favorite of the literary elements, and have given writing workshops for the older age group of children’s literature.

I’m currently booking for

World Read Aloud Day!

WRAD author visits are typically free, virtual school visits that consist of:

1-2 minutes: Give a quick introduction about me and my books.

5-10 minutes: Share one of my books by either reading one of my picture books or sharing an excerpt from my YA novel.

5-10 minutes: Answer a few questions from students about reading/writing.