Published Works

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Be on the lookout for my picture book debut, Sassafras and Her Teeny Tiny Tail, hitting shelves in 2019 from MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing!

Here’s my work that’s out in the world. Click on the links to read or purchase.


Poem- “Gardening” babybug-magazine-april-2016


Short story- “Swamp Mallow“, A Cajun-esque retelling of the recently rediscovered fairytale, “The Girl and the Pond”. 51ga4JsyAbL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_




Short story- “American Chestnut“, short story written with co-authors under pen name- “Knight’s Inn”, poem- “Divine Spark of Wine Dancing”





51wGTLoPrRLPoem- “Puddle Jumping”, Flash Fic- “Sula and the Light“, Poem- “Dandelion Kisses”






Poetry & Essays on Mothering Things

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Personal Essay- “Cracks in the Clay


Good Mother Project logo

Personal Essay- “Dear Momma”




Listicle-“Top Ten Reasons Playgroup Moms Rock”





Poem-“My Baby Sleeps (Finally)”, Poem- “Lake Geneva”, Personal Essay- “The Fairy House”, Personal Essay- “Earless Rabbits”