Published Works

Coming Soon!

Be on the lookout for my picture book debut, Sassafras and Her Teeny Tiny Tail, hitting shelves in 2019 from MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing.

And my YA debut, The Existence of Bea Pearl, releasing Fall 2020 with Owl Hollow Press!

Here’s my work that’s out in the world. Click on the links to read or purchase.


Poem- “Gardening” babybug-magazine-april-2016



Short story- “The Levee and Bea Pearl”, a BLACKWATER inspired story with creepy library basements and river things that go bump and crunch in the night.








Short story- “Swamp Mallow”, A Cajun-esque retelling of the recently rediscovered fairytale, “The Girl and the Pond”.





Short story- “American Chestnut“, short story written with co-authors under pen name- “Knight’s Inn”, poem- “Divine Spark of Wine Dancing”





51wGTLoPrRLPoem- “Puddle Jumping”, Flash Fic- “Sula and the Light“, Poem- “Dandelion Kisses”






Poetry & Essays on Mothering Things

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Personal Essay- “Cracks in the Clay


Good Mother Project logo

Personal Essay- “Dear Momma”




Listicle-“Top Ten Reasons Playgroup Moms Rock”





Poem-“My Baby Sleeps (Finally)”, Poem- “Lake Geneva”, Personal Essay- “The Fairy House”, Personal Essay- “Earless Rabbits”