50 Words on Mardi Gras

Laissez les bon temps rouler! It’s Fat Tuesday!

This year I participated in children’s author extraordinaire, Vivian Kirkfield’s 50 Precious Words contest. It has a great backstory of how her contest came to be and fabulous entries so be sure to check out her website: 130CF08D-DABD-41C0-B6CD-44B7878D031F.jpeghttps://viviankirkfield.com/2019/03/02/the-50preciouswords-writing-contest-is-open/

Since the contest runs during Carnival season this year, I chose that as my inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

Magical Mardi Gras (49 words)

First the boom, boom.

Then the clip, clop.

Batons on fire

pinwheel among the stars.

Do you see what’s coming next?

Mermaids shimmy in the air.

A giant dragon zigzags down the street,

smoke and fire blasting out its snout.

Hands up to catch beads and MoonPies

and magic.