Eep! First blog post

Look at me, carving out a tiny piece of the internet to call my own.

I’ve put off blogging for years, unsure that I would ever have anything to say that hadn’t been said before (and probably better–I tend to use run-on sentences and lots of parentheses). But then I thought, couldn’t I say the same about any sort of writing? Don’t we all have those uncertainties? And if I’ve pushed aside my doubts enough to write a novel (or three), then that excuse can’t hold true for me any longer.

So here I go. I’ve jumped off fallen trees into river water so muddy I can’t see what’s swimming around me with less trepidation.

418245_923426778683_2040150944_nAnd the risk to remain tight in my shell became more painful than the courage it took to flap my shells… to paraphrase Anais Nin.

I’ll post about being a mom and being a writer and being both at the same time which is often super hard. I’ll post about watery things, and magically things, and books which can sometimes be both of those things. (Basically things. See how I haven’t tied myself down?)

Say hi if you’re here! I look forward to your comments, so feel free to make yourself known.

7 thoughts on “Eep! First blog post

  1. Hi! And, congrats! I’ve toyed around with blogging, on and off, myself and hope to find myself mostly ‘on’ for the next little while. Good luck to us both!


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