Works in Progress


Picture Books

Sam & Maurice Save the World! (fiction with environmental responsibility back matter) Sam and his stuffed animal Maurice want to be superheroes but nothing goes right when they help out around the house and in the garden.

Don’t Eat the Socks! (fiction) Annie avoids wearing sock-gobbling shoes by using her imagination. But when it keeps her from doing something fun, she must face her fear of shoes.

Chompsey Chomps Books (fiction with dyslexia back matter) Chompsey the alligator chomps books in frustration when the words fly off the pages and the letters twist and turn. Under contract with M-C Publishing!

Little Red, Riding Reveler (fiction) Little Red makes her way to Granny’s Mardi Gras float.

Little Rockies vs. Gassy Giants (fiction with solar system back matter) The rocky planets try to get back at the gassy giants when a giant ball of ice zooms through their orbits.

Chapter Books

Secretly Poppy: The Finder of Lost Things 1st place winner in the 2019 SCBWI’s Southern Breeze Writer’s Award!

Secretly Poppy: The Greatest Talent SWAMP Show!

Middle Grade

Marvel & Happy (fantasy) A girl desperate to be marvelous and a selkie-like manatee protecting her skin, its a summer of finding family and friends.

Young Adult

The Existence of Bea Pearl (Southern mystery) When Bea Pearl’s brother disappears, its up to her to prove he’s still alive. Under contract with Owl Hollow Press!

The Wildness in Mellie Feye (fairytale retelling with ecological elements) Half a sea serpent? A peculiar mermaid? Mellie isn’t sure what her mother’s curse makes her. Only that she’ll need to save the bay that’s growing more septic each day if she ever plans on returning home to her sisters.

The Thorns of Amalee Rose (Southern Gothic) Prone to anxiety attacks, Amalee decides she’d rather shatter on her own terms. 2nd place in the 2020 SCBWI’s Southern Breeze Writer’s Award!