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Preorder your copy of my YA Southern swamp mystery, The Existence of Bea Pearl, from my local indie bookstore, The Haunted Book Shop, and you’re not only supporting a small local business, (which is a super awesome thing to do!) you’ll get my heartfelt thanks: a signed copy of Bea Pearl, a custom bookmark, and a sticker!

Preorder here: Pre-Order The Existence of Bea Pearl | The Haunted Book Shop in Mobile, Alabama (

Prefer to support your own local indie or library? That’s totally cool too.

Screenshot your preorder receipt or library request and email it to for an e-copy of a deleted prequel and a chance to be entered into a grand prize drawing!

The grand prize includes:
a bee and pearl necklace just like the one Bea Pearl wears in the story 
a copy of the OHP anthology, Cabinet of Curiosities, which has a Bea Pearl short story, “The Levee and Bea Pearl”
and a secret surprise by artist Erica Ross (IG @erica_ross_visual_art) that I am soooo excited about!

The preorder campaign is for US only (shipping costs, ugh) but I do want to also thank my international readers, so y’all will be sent the e-copy of the deleted prequel. 
Image credit: Owl Hollow Press
Want to read the first few chapters?

The Existence of Bea Pearl – OHP | world-altering stories, real & imagined (

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The Existence of Bea Pearl by Candice Marley Conner | Goodreads

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