Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Holiday Contest!

I had such a fun time with Ms. Hill’s Halloweensie contest (you can read my entry here), that I’m excited to participate in this contest also. As well as revisit my two little characters I’m growing fond of, Bean and Jilly.

Today is the perfect day to post this because…


Our first snowfall!


there’s snow on the ground. In Mobile, Alabama.

I told my daughter to knock the snow off her cowgirl boots earlier today and had a moment right afterward. I’ve NEVER UTTERED THAT PHRASE BEFORE.

I frolicked in snowfall with my husband and kids last night. I’VE NEVER FROLICKED IN SNOWFALL BEFORE.

Lots of exciting moments for us. To put it in context for people who forget about the magicalness of first snowfall–Mobile hasn’t had snow like this since 1942.

Now onto the contest, so I can go back out and play before it all melts. My entry into the 7th Annual Holiday Contest, at exactly 250 words per contest guidelines:

Bean & Jilly and the Holiday Surprise Visitor

T’was the night before Christmas and all through Bean’s yard,
the night creatures were stirring; something may have rawr’d.
The ‘possums were hung in the oaks with care
and hopes that coyotes wouldn’t be there.

With Jilly in her sleeping bag, and Bean with his lamp,
the two kids had set up quite a nice camp.
They were outside on this warm winter night
in hopes that Saint Nick might appear in their sight.

When out at the edge of the lawn should crash
but something dark, shadowy, and brash.
Away to the tent door, Bean flew like a flash,
got caught in the zipper, and tore open the sash.

When what to his wondering eyes should he see,
an elf or a sleigh? No, a raccoon in a tree!
With its hisses and chitters he knew in a moment,
Jolly ol’ Santa couldn’t possibly be on it.

It was dressed all in fur from its head to its paws,
from the black mask over its eyes to its tiny sharp claws.
Its eyes how they glittered! Its whiskers, how they twitched!
“Give it our snacks!” Jilly exclaimed as a cherry she pitched.

A wink of its eye and a twist of its nose,
soon let the kids know no danger it posed.
As long as they fed it their cocoa and snacks,
the raccoon wouldn’t bring the rest of its pack.

Food gone, they thought it exclaimed diving into the night—
“Hot cocoa to all, yummy snacks—all right!”

Thanks for reading! And happy holidays! Don’t feed the wildlife! 😉


24 thoughts on “Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Holiday Contest!

  1. Snow!!! I miss it so.
    Glad you all are enjoying the snow as much as I enjoyed reading your raccoon Christmas tale. Clever idea and nice to read more of Bean and Jilly’s adventures. Good luck in the contest, Candice.


  2. Love Bean and Jilly and their raccoon visitor-LOL Fun spin on the classic with a great twist. Wild critters can add a lot of spice to our lives-well done! Happy holidays and good luck.


  3. Hahaha! That rascally raccoon! Love your warm weather twist on the Night Before Christmas – so fun the camping and the tent zipper! 🙂 – and I’ll bet it was a surprise to see a raccoon when you’re expecting Santa 🙂 Glad you guys got to have the fun of snow in Mobile – especially your little one! My niece and nephews live in Georgia and snow is novelty to them too!


    • Thank you Susanna! You know, the bit about getting stuck in the zipper was one of my favorite parts!
      And thank you so much for putting these contests together! I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into them 😊 Happy holidays!


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